WoooohSaaah, Superwoman!

04 Feb


So, how did I end up in a room with all four of my children and even a friend’s baby all after eight o’clock at night?  That’s the questioned that rolled through my mind as I sat on my bed with my laptop next to me and five children sitting, jumping, fighting, and rolling around me.  I mean seriously, I thought that eight o’clock was bedtime around here.  I didn’t understand, because I actually thought that I had clocked out, I thought that my shift was over for the night. 

Boy was I wrong!

I had to take a few minutes to breathe.  I literally felt as if I was being suffocated by an army of tiny people. 

Honestly, there is only so much kid time that a mommy can handle.  I have to remind myself that I am still a good mother even when I feel the need to have my own time.  I would only be harming myself if I tried to overextend myself and allow my children to run over me and take all that I have to give.  I need a little bit for myself, or else I’m left with nothing. 

I am thankful for my children, but I would be lying if I told you that I never get tired, weary, or just plain stressed out!  It’s natural to do so.  I have to remember that I am not perfect and it is ok for me to be weak.  I just have to ask for strength and keep it moving. 

With so many obligations and responsibilities that we as parents have, it’s so easy to neglect ourselves. The problem is that we often find ourselves feeling guilty if we allow ourselves even an hour of free time.  Without time for some quality R & R, we are destined to crash.  Sometimes you just have to clock out after all that is required of you has been done.

As my lingered on, eventually, the kids are in their own beds and I could get back to my grown-up thoughts. I put on my headphones and drowned myself in my music on Pandora, which by the way, I think was made just for me.


P.S. Check out my page 15 Ways to Get Your “Me Time”

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