Examine Your Focus…

19 Jan

How many times have we been misled to believe that if we lack something that we should put our entire focus on obtaining it?  It is as if we think or feel that the world owes us something and we shouldn’t stop until we get it.  That is just the fast paced, instant gratifying society that we live in that feeds us this lie.  We are led to believe that nothing is off limits and that we are supposed to get anything that we really want.

There will be times that we cannot have what we want whenever we want it.  Sometimes we want what we truly don’t need.  God has a plan for all of us, and the key word her is God.  It is God’s plan that we must want to align with and not our own plan.

Anytime that I have struggled with depression, there was always a common factor, whether it was due to a plan gone wrong or the loss of a loved one.  This common factor was lack.  Most of my unhappiness in life has stemmed from my lack of some “thing”.

Whether it is a lack of money, love, happiness, or things, we tend to focus solely on our lack and not our sum of actual blessings.

I have placed so much focus on the lack, that I make myself blind to all of the blessings and opportunities that are so ever present in my life and in this world.  The blessings are always there.  We just have to open ourselves up to them.

If I only stopped wishing and wanting things that I didn’t have, then I could truly focus on the things that I did have.  What you reap, you shall sow… Whatever you focus on is what will come to you.  Whatever we worry about will find its way to us; whereas, whatever we take care of and treat well, will also come to us.

We are all offered unique blessings.  It is only up to us to nurture each of our blessings, and it is then and only then will we reap the reward of sowing gracious thoughts.  Approaching this world with gratefulness opposed to ungratefulness allows you to be more receptive of blessings.  So, stop dwelling on whatever it is you don’t have and start appreciating and enjoying what you do have.

So often I am reminded of the Sandy Hook Children whenever I am aggravated with my own children or upset that I lack enough time to get everything done that I assume needs to get done.  It saddens me to think of how the parents would do anything for another day, hour or minute with their children.  I even consider how the children have no time left in this world to get anything done.  So again, I say, stop dwelling on whatever it is that you lack and begin appreciating the blessings that you have and enjoying the present.


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