15 Ways to Get Your “Me Time”

1. Bath Time
Relax yourself with a warm bath. Fill your tub with salts, oils, tea, milk, and/or lots of bubbles.
2. DIY Spa
Take this time to give yourself a facial, pedicure, and/or manicure. You can use simple products that can be found in your kitchen (ex. avocado, mayo, tea, milk, or oatmeal) to make this inexpensive.
3. Read
Read whatever it is that you enjoy.
4. Write
Journal, blog, or write a friend.
5. Favorite TV Show
Take time to watch your favorite show on television or Netflix.
6. Tanning
Regardless of your race, when the weather permits, put on your sunblock or tanning lotion and lay out in the sun. Take whatever you need, but leave your phone behind. Everyone needs a little sunshine in their life.
7. Electronic Games
There is nothing like taking a little time out to play a game. With the many apps out there now, you should have plenty to choose from. Some of my favorites include Ruzzle, What’s that Word, and Angry birds, just to name a few.
8. Power Nap
Nothing gives me a shot of energy and lightens up my mood like a power nap. After four pregnancies, I have learned to take naps whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself. Be creative and you are sure to find the appropriate time and place to get a power nap.
9. Puzzles
Complete a jigsaw or a crossword puzzle.
10. Ipod
Crank up your jams and listen to them as long as time permits. Feel free to repeat.
11. Bum out-just do nothing!
Take some time to do Nothing! Remember when you didn’t have any responsibilities? Take some time to do that.
12. Hot Tea/Coffee
Go to your local coffee shop and grab a cup, or just fix your own and cozy up on the couch.
13. Web Window Shop
Shopping can definitely be an outlet for some, but it can be costly. Web window shopping allows you to browse the items from your favorite stores and add the items to your wishlist.
14. Bake
Bake something for wither your family or someone else. This allows you time to focus on a project and wait for its completion. Afterwards, you are rewarded with a tasty treat.
15. Daydream
Use your imagination and think of things that you plan to do or would love to happen. The same way you did when you were a kid. Let your imagination run wild.


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